hej!! mår inte bra igen!!


i dont feel good from sick
i get hrut from hals
and today so i dont go school again so i was lig on bed on the time think if this is good haha:)
but is funny when i sick because when do somthing feel angry everything that is me when i sick
haha and i sick in body dont sick in hunud )) just say so every one know haha
because no 1 when sick when fryber they dont get angry when they make somthing but me...
get angey somtime when i do somthing and is was not good then get angry so much

ok so today is not good now klokan is 15.44 i still on bed

bye bye if have somthing then i will skirv more :)

this is me today was vakna firt :)

and moris is name pappa dog :P

Postat av: Erika

So lovely Moris~!!!

2010-03-08 @ 20:41:20
Postat av: nook

tack Erika

2010-10-10 @ 10:49:44

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